In Focus


DraftCraft Institutes, the educational arm of DraftCraft International, has been offering internationally-recognised courses conforming to global industry standards since 2001. These courses are conducted independently as well as in conjunction with universities and institutes across the world and provide the perfect platform for students and professionals to supplement their formal education with integrated research, industry training and practical exposure.

Those trained through DraftCraft Institutes are swiftly absorbed by DraftCraft International and its knowledge partners on platforms across the world. Through a myriad multi-pronged approach, DraftCraft Institutes conduct Certificates Courses, Workshops, Talks, Lectures, Seminars, Symposiums, Round Table Conferences and Industrial Visits to members of the public, fresh graduates, post-graduates, professionals, industry players, researchers and academicians.

Distinctly opposed to academic institutes, DraftCraft Institutes fulfill three vital roles:

1. Design courses that supplement conventional, formal education with pertinent practical exposure and provide participants the 'industry edge' over counterparts.
2. Create courses complete with Industrial Visits to bridge the 'skills' gap between academics and industry and prepare participants for professional endeavours.
3. Offer a unique opportunity for course participants to partake in DraftCraft International's Live Projects and gain crucial practical experience in core specialisations.

The courses and workshops offered by DraftCraft Institutes are customised for each participant based on educational / professional background, academic interests, future works and professional goals.

The courses and programmes offered by DraftCraft Institutes are open for students and practitioners of the following disciplines, but not limited to:
- Law / Paralegal Disciplines
- Media / Film-Making
- Liberal Arts / Sociology / History / Heritage Management / Anthropology
- International Studies / International Relations / Human Rights
- Public Policy / Political Science / Social Work
- Gender Studies / Development Studies
- DraftCraft International's Researchers, Fellows, Interns and Volunteers

Distinct from the run-of-the-mill and mundane classroom exercises, the programmes are conducted at exotic venues, including those of its 'live projects' across borders.

DraftCraft Institutes have been training and generating niche expertise in pertinent sectors through:
- Institute of Anthropological Studies (DIAS)
- Institute of Film Studies (DIFS)
- Institute of Gender Studies (DIGS)
- Institute of History and Heritage Management (DIHHM)
- Institute of International Affairs (DIIA)
- Institute of Law (DIL)
- Institute of Media (DIM)
- Institute of Policy (DIP)
- Institute of Social Justice (DISJ)
- Institute of Research, Education and Continuing Training (DIRECT)