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Gender Cell

DraftCraft International in conjunction with The Institute of Law and The Institute of Gender Studies provide a range of services that include the creation of 'Gender Cells' and 'Women Cells' to aid and assist women and LGBTQI community members who are victims of physical, mental, sexual and financial abuse at home, work and beyond and have been denied their rights and / or justice. The aim is to educate and empower them to fight their own battles for their rights, rather than fight for them and help them rehabilitate and integrate back into the society. A solution based on legal principles of justice, equity and good conscience is provided. The multi-pronged approach includes:

* Direct and personal intervention to the affected
* Independent media-legal camps and with the State to educate the beneficiaries
* Content generation through photographs, documentaries, slideshows, etc. to increase awareness of stakeholders, authorities, and for educational and research purposes
* Talks and discussions among the affected parties, legal professionals and activists to find innovative solutions to issues, promote the cause and to initiate improvement in relevant laws
* Lectures and workshops to increase awareness in general and of the law, to sensitise authorities to interpret law to the convenience and rights of the affected, to offer media-legal solutions without burdening the legal system with excessive litigation and to train people and students to represent wider interest of groups
* Drafting of legal documents and RTI applications to assist the affected at appropriate fora, follow up on cases and applications, interpret the response and create dockets with updated information
* Generating white papers for educational and research purposes to assist government bodies and commissions in improving policies and amending laws

Newspapers, Magazines, Websites, Publications, Educational Institutes, Civil Society, Corporates and Private Individuals can avail the following Services and Products provided:

Media: Initialise a Media Campaign, Generate Content i.e. Articles, Columns, White Papers, Reports, Research Papers, Short Films, Documentaries, Shows

Educational: Conduct Workshops, Talks, Lectures, Sessions on various aspects of applicable laws for women and members of LGBTQI community. The creation through collaborations and partnerships of 'Women Cells' and 'Gender Cells' for education institutions, colleges, corporates, private entities and the State.

Legal: Provide Consultation, Intervention for Court, Draft Legal Notices, Conciliation and Settlement Services on Legal Grounds, Conduct Audits to Ensure Compliance, Advocacy, Investigation

Advisory: Generate Advisories, Draft RTI Applications, Collate and Analyse Precedents, Generate Informed Opinions