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Media Laws

DraftCraft Institutes, the educational and research arm of global think tank DraftCraft International, has been offering internationally-recognised courses confirming to global industry standards since 2001. These courses are conducted independently as well as in conjunction with universities and institutes across the world.

Distinctly opposed to academic institutes, DraftCraft Institutes fulfill three vital roles:
1. Design courses that supplement conventional, formal education with pertinent practical exposure and provide participants the 'industry edge' over counterparts.
2. Create courses complete with Industrial Visits to bridge the 'skills' gap between academics and industry and prepare participants for professional endeavours.
3. Offer a unique opportunity for course participants to partake in DraftCraft International's Live Projects and gain crucial practical experience in core specialisations.

About The Course
The course is an intensive training programme that covers legal aspects of the Media industry - newspapers, magazines, periodicals in the print media; radio, podcasts in the audio media; news channels, documentary channels and others in the television/broadcast media; spoofs, documentaries, shorts and reviews in the online/electronic media; and films. Media is hailed as the 'Fourth Estate' i.e a watchdog for the other pillars of democracy. Media informs the society, raises issues of public interest and advocates to those responsible for public welfare.

This course will apprise participants of the legalese involving Copyright, Agreements, Fake News, Indian and Foreign Media Regulations, Censorship, Civil and Criminal Defamation, Freedom of Speech, Bias, Public Good and Sedition. Understanding these laws that bind the media and protect intellectual property is very important. Each module is complete with the latest in Case Studies, Precedents, Judgement Analysis, Act and Rule Application, Amendments, Legal Insight, Reach and Global Perspective.

This is a first-of-its-kind signature course conducted by DraftCraft International since 2001.

Course Highlights
- Freedom of Speech and Expression
- Defamation, privacy, public good and sedition
- Intellectual property laws (copyright, etc)
- The Contempt of Court Act, The Official Secrets Act and The Telegraph Act
- Laws related to broadcasting and advertising
- CBFC and The Cinematograph Act
- Media Ethics (self-regulation)

Who Should Register
The course offers valuable knowledge and exposure to interested members of the public, but is particularly useful to:
- Lawyers/Law Professionals
- Journalists/Media Professionals
- Film-Makers/Entertainment Industry
- Students (Law, Media, Film-Making)
- Academicians
- Company Executives
- Corporate Managers/Employees
- Advertising Agency Personnel
- Entrepreneurs
- Law Enforcement Personnel
- Government Officials
- Activists
- Civil Society Members
- Socially-Aware Citizens

Course Details
Each course module is complete with the latest International Case Studies, Judgements and Precedents (wherever applicable) and Legal Insight on the issue.

Unique Features
- Course modules are customised for each participant based on his/her educational and professional background
- The course enables participants to supplement their formal education with in-depth academic knowledge and niche industry exposure
- The course offers balanced global perspective through integrated research and practical training
- The curriculum is updated at regular intervals with changing discourse, laws and policies
- The course builds employable skills and greatly enhances global career prospects
- The course offers opportunities to intern and gain hands-on experience with DraftCraft International's live projects

Course Delivery
The course is designed and delivered by learned academicians, practitioners, leading domain experts and industry professionals.

Modes Of Study
The course is conducted in the following interactive modes:
- Classroom Mode: Lectures and practical field sessions for small groups for personalised attention
- Online Mode: Course material is disseminated virtually through the internet
- Live Project Mode: Opportunity to observe, understand and learn from 'live projects' where practical aspects of a subject are taught from Ground Zero

The sessions are interspersed with research assignments, discussions, presentations and screenings.

Course Duration
The course duration is One Month (on weekends) or One Week (daily).

- Indian Nationals: HSC or Class XII from a recognised board or university
- Foreign Nationals: Equivalent of HSC or Class XII in the respective country

Participants are constantly mentored and provided academic support during the course duration.

- Participants are assessed at the end of the course by way of test(s)
- A certificate will be awarded by DraftCraft Institutes upon successful completion of the course

Internship Opportunities
Following successful completion of the course, participants are provided an opportunity to intern and gain experience with DraftCraft International and work with our personnel on live projects across India and beyond borders. The internship will be free and not charged.

Placement Opportunities
Following successful completion of the internship programme with DraftCraft International, all participants are provided a wide range of opportunities to embark on a professional career. They will be able to partake in DraftCraft International's Live Projects across India and beyond borders, depending on their qualification, experience and aptitude. The work arrangements with DraftCraft International are purely project-based, contractual and limited in nature.

Those seeking careers in the specified field are also counseled for relevant employment opportunities with entities in India and abroad such as law firms, international organisations, government agencies, corporates, educational institutes and NGOs.

Registration Details
To register for the course, fill the form here.

*Note: A modified version of this course may be offered as:
1) A Qualifier Course: For student participants who wish to intern with DraftCraft and are enrolled in a relevant degree programme.
2) A Bridge Course: For student/professional participants who wish to intern with DraftCraft but do not have the relevant academic/professional background or qualification.