In Focus

'It helped me realise my dream!'

DraftCraft was the first baby step towards achieving my dream!
DraftCraft International was the first baby step towards achieving my dream. The kind of support and guidance I received here was marvellous. I also had peers from prestigious law schools from across the world doing the Law In Practice Course and the Internship Programme with me and listening to their tales was enriching for me. And, it was during my internship here that I received an admission offer at my dream university. I am finally doing what I think is the best for me and I can't really express that feeling in words. I seriously wish to work for Children's Rights after I finish my law studies and my one month here has replenished my interest in the field!

People always say "grow up, you're not a child anymore", but believe in the child in you as that child is both courageous and wise.

- Pankti Vadalia (To pursue Graduate LL.B at University of Birmingham)