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Law In Practice (Fundamentals)

DraftCraft International's Institute of Law regularly conducts educational and professional courses that provide academic enrichment, conform to global industry standards and are recognised internationally. These courses are conducted independently as well as in conjunction with universities and institutes across the world.

The courses are designed and delivered by learned academicians, law practitioners, leading domain experts and industry professionals to provide in-depth academic understanding, practical outlook and balanced global perspective. This ensures building employable skills in a particular area that greatly enhance global career prospects. The curriculum is updated at regular intervals keeping in sync with changing laws and policies.

Unique Features
1) Industry-certified and globally-recognised certification programme.
2) Mentoring and academic support throughout the duration of the course.
3) Opportunity to supplement formal education with integrated research, niche education, industry training and practical exposure.
4) Career counseling and guidance for relevant employment opportunities with entities in India and abroad such as law firms, international organisations, government agencies, corporates and NGOs.
5) Direct interaction with course instructors for academic assistance, discussion and guidance.

Assessment and Certification
1) The sessions are interspersed with research assignments, discussions, presentations and screenings.
2) Participants are assessed at the end of the course by way of MCQ tests.
3) A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the course.

Objectives of the Course
In India, the course covers important areas of law such as Constitution, Administrative Law, Tort, Crime, Contract, Islamic Law, International Laws, Terror Laws, Business Law, Cyber Laws and Media and Censorship. The idea is to understand the tenets of law as laid down by statute and examine how it applies to life - complete with Ground Zero precedents, live projects application and legal analysis of judgments. Each module is complete with the latest in Case Studies, Precedents and provides Legal Insight.

Highlights and Learning Outcomes
- Comprehensive knowledge of the various branches of law
- Intrinsic understanding of the statutes and meaning of 'spirit' of the law
- Analysis of recent case laws to understand judgements, proceedings and legalities
- Understanding procedures of the court, administration and enforcement authorities
- Understanding of legal documents, notices, PILs, agreements, contracts
- Skills to obtain facts and figures from and for a case law
- Discussions on contemporary legal issues and recent landmark judgments
- Opportunities to correlate and augment training with case laws
- Visits to DraftCraft's live projects on field (only for physical/classroom course participants)

Mode(s) of Delivery
1) Physical/Classroom mode lectures for small groups for personalised attention
2) Online mode where the course material is disseminated virtually through the internet

Who Should Register
- Students (any discipline)
- Lawyers/Law Professionals
- Journalists/Media Professionals
- Film-Makers/Entertainment Industry
- Academicians
- Analysts
- Company Executives
- Corporate Managers/Employees
- Entrepreneurs
- Chartered Accountants
- Company Secretaries
- Law Enforcement Personnel
- Government Officials
- Activists
- Civil Society Members
- Socially-Aware Citizens

- One Month (on weekends) for Physical/Classroom mode
- 20 hours duration for Online mode
- Frequency of sessions may be customised
- The courses are held regularly, contact for schedule

Course Fee
- Fee: INR 35,000/-
- Fee is discounted for DraftCraft interns.
- Fee is discounted for participants wishing to avail the quarterly Appraiser Course.
- Fee is discounted for participants undertaking a specialised course alongside.

Modes of Payment
By Fund Transfer, Paytm or UPI (payable in advance)

Contact Details
Course Coordinator
DraftCraft International - Institute of Law
Phone: +91 22 22841593 / 8080441593