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Single Women's Retreat in Goa

DraftCraft International is organising Residential Retreats in Goa for Writers, Photographers / Film-makers and Single Women in the backdrop of the International Film Festival of India (IFFI Goa 2019). The Residential Retreats will be conducted by experts in specific areas with carefully-curated sessions, exercise-based workshops and learning activities. And, what better place to host the retreats than Goa which offers the perfect venue, rejuvenating, inspiring and invigorating, to unwind, explore your hidden talents and get in touch with your creative side!

If there's anything tougher than being a woman, it's being a 'single' woman. You get judged round the clock and for doing just about anything in life. Whether it's having a coffee by yourself at a coffee shop; catching a movie or simply buying an I-Pill over the counter. Take a deserve it!

And, what better way to take a break from it all than opt for the Single Women's Retreat in Goa. Conducted by DraftCraft International's The Woman Survivorthis five-day Single Women's Retreat in Goa will help you get away from being judged; get away from the bustle of life; grab an opportunity to get recharged to be able to perform better and have a blast while doing it. You get a chance to be by yourself; sip on a Long Island Iced Tea; down a couple of Tequilas and soak in the sun at dawn or stretch away your blues at a yoga session at dusk. Come, sign!

The Residential Retreat will include Yoga Sessions, Challenge Programmes, Personal Consultation Sessions, Talks/discussions/screenings on life lessons, positivity, balance, bias, the law and mind over matter. You will get an opportunity to partake in The Woman Survivor's Sense-I-Tive Programme to help boost you personality and rediscover the 'real' you.

Who Should Attend
Single Women, Girls, Female Students, Working Women and any Woman who wishes to join in

Duration of the Retreat
Five days | 22 Nov 2019 (Friday) to 26 Nov 2019 (Tuesday)

Venue for the Retreat
Multiple outdoor venues in Goa.

Fees for the Retreat
Fees for the Residential Retreat is INR 22,500 @ INR 4,500 per day per person

* The fees include:
- Retreat sessions
- Retreat activities
- Field sessions
- Expert Lectures
- Accommodation during the Retreat
- Meals during the Retreat

* The fees do not include:
- Travel to/from Goa
- Travel within Goa
- Anything that has not been expressly provided. For any special requirements, you may inquire with the office (Extra charges will apply for any special request/need)

Accommodation during the Retreat
For the duration of the residential retreat, basic shared accommodation will be provided in Goa. Exclusive accommodation can be requested (extra charges will apply).

Takeaways from the Retreat
You are guaranteed to find new meanings to your own existence; solutions to long-standing issues and the courage to face them. The Single Women's Retreat is DraftCraft's flagship programme to reach out to those struggling to find their way and help them not just find their bearings but surge ahead...and together!

Participants can avail a discount for the Mumbai Single Women's Retreat to be held in December 2019.

- Learning the art of 'loving yourself'
- Finding the 'real' you
- Discovering your true potential
- Successfully combating the societal bias
- Availing opportunity to network and meet like-minded individuals
- Availing opportunity to extend professional and social circles
- Attending IFFI 2019 Film Festival** (Open Forum)
- Participating in outdoor lectures/sessions across Goa

Registration for the Retreat
Registration deadline is Thursday, 31 October 2019. To register, click here.


DraftCraft International is also organising the following Workshops and Retreats during the Goa Programme:

Four-Day Weekend Residential Workshops ----->
Friday, 22 Nov 2019 - Monday, 25 Nov 2019
1) Women: Law, Policy and Perception
2) Gender: Section 377 and Beyond
3) Rewriting History
4) Laws affecting Film-makers
5) See Change: Films for Change
6) Films and Freedom

Friday, 29 Nov 2019 - Monday, 2 Dec 2019
7) International Human Rights (Focus - Kashmir)
8) International Refugee and Migrant Rights (Focus - Rohingyas and NRC)
9) Copyright Laws affecting the Media

Three-Day Weekday Residential Workshops ----->
Monday, 18 Nov 2019 - Wednesday, 20 Nov 2019
1) Article 15 and its Reach (Focus - The Muslim Identity)
2) Article 19 and Reasonable Restrictions (Focus - Social Media)
3) Article 21 and the State (Focus - Beef and Bans)
4) Right to Dissent

Wednesday, 20 Nov 2019 - Friday, 22 Nov 2019
5) Secularism in India
6) Religion and the Law (Focus - Sabrimala)
7) Media and Bias
8) Identifying Fake News

Five-Day Residential Retreats ----->
1) Writers' Retreat
2) Single Women's Retreat
3) Photographers' / Film-makers' Retreat

Note: o register for two or more Workshops / Retreats or for Group Registrations, contact the office on for discounted rates.

For details on all Workshops and Retreats, visit -