In Focus

Legal Aid

DraftCraft International in conjunction with The Institute of Law organises legal aid projects held across India particularly in rural and tribal zones to reach legal aid and document mores.
The twin-pronged process of Legal Aid aims to facilitate alternative dispute resolution through conciliation in matters of civil, crime, property, interpersonal, matrimonial issues between people and ensure their Constitutional legal rights through strategic intervention with the authorities and the State by representation and via media.

DraftCraft International with The Institute of Law and The Institute of Anthropological Studies documents customs and mores from across India and beyond borders as they possess the force of law in most nations. Mores, for most indigenous communities, form the basis of law that needs to be properly documented, analysed and examined.

Students of Law and other para-legal disciplines may apply to DraftCraft International through its Institutes for internship programmes and volunteer programmes to assist core teams in these projects.
DraftCraft International partners with Educational Institutions, Colleges, Law Bodies and the State to reach, through its students and staff, Legal Aid to the most marginalised, deprived and indigenous across India. Participants of Legal Aid Projects are provided with a certificate of participation and stand to gain invaluable experience during the processes. You may contact for details.